Thursday, April 3, 2014

Celebrity Love Children

They are adored by billions; but being famous doesn't mean they are perfect. Here's a look at celebrities who have fathered children out of wedlock.

Masaba Gupta was born out of Bollywood star Neena Gupta's short-lived affair with Windies cricketer Vivian Richards in the 80s. Neena raised her daughter as a single mother; and Masaba is a successful fashion designer now. 


 Omer Bhatti, MJ's rumoured love child lived at Neverland ranch for eight years. Michael made him his "honorary" son after inviting him to move in with him years ago. Though Omer refutes the allegations, no one can deny his uncanny resemblence withe the Late singer.


Norah Jones, who became an instant darling of the world with her debut album - Come Away With Me - is the daughter of American concert producer Sue Jones and Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar. The two had an affair in the late 70s.



Though there were rumours that she didn't share a good rapport with her father, things were perfectly fine between Norah and her step sister Anoushka. Anoushka released an album - Breathing Under Water - which featured both Norah and her dad.


Former tennis player Boris Becker had a brief sexual encounter with a woman named Angela resulting in a lovechild. Becker was on a denial spree initially, but a DNA test proved otherwise. If you look at the picture, you can see that Anna has a striking resemblance with her father. Becker, who already has 2 sons with ex-wife Barbara, later obtained joint custody of Anna to secure her future.


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr's destiny was determined by 3 words. The fairytale goes like this: His soccer star dad stumbles across an LA waitress, makes his intentions clear, and draw a heart on the window and writes "me, you, ***k". After a one night stand, a new starkid was born.

Ronaldo, for once, showed great maturity by owning up to his act and behaving responsibly. He wasted no time in flying down to NY once the baby was born and after confirming that the baby was indeed his, Ronnie paid the waitress a huge chunk of money to keep her identity a secret and provide him sole custody of their child.

Soccer god Maradona has a child out-of-wedlock - Diego Sinagra. Maradona's first meeting with his lovechild was pretty interesting. Sinagra managed to slip into a golf course after learning about his dad's arrival in Italy. The soccer star was taken aback when the boy whom he thought was an autograph hunter introduced himself as his son.

It took many years for him to admit that Sinagra is his son. He once even described Sinagra as a 'mistake' , but he later apologised and promised to make his son's future financially secure.

 Senator John Edwards, the charming Democrat, had an affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunt. John's political ambitions faced a setback when he initially tried to cover up his affair. The pic shows Rielle Hunter with Frances Quinn, her 2-year-old daughter fathered by John Edwards, at her home.

 A one-night stand between English singer Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe in the ‘80s resulted in Daisy Lowe, a fashion model, Gavin was in his early 20s then, and have stayed away from his daughters life while Pearl raised her all alone.

Ex model Linda Evangelista, whose name has been linked to Hollywood star Kyle MacLachlan and French soccer player Fabian Barthez in the past, has sued billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault demanding $807,000 a year in child support for Augustin James - his love child with her.

Linda has asked for armed bodyguards, 24-hour nanny care, and his own driver among many other things, citing that she is too busy to spend time with her son owing to her beauty appointments and gym sessions!


 Francois-Henri Pinault is married to Hollywood star Salma Hayek, and has a 4-year-old daughter named Valentina in that relationship.

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